# Failed to access storage


i got a problem.
I tried to connect the Yoroi Wallet with my Ledger and i got this message:

Failed to access storage. Yoroi needs to access to storage (“IndexedDB”) to properly manage wallets. Your browser may either not support IndexedDB or it may be disabled due to your privacy settings (such as private browsing)

If you want to inspect logs, you can download them here. Logs do not contain sensitive information, and it would be helpful to attach them to problem reports to help the team investigate the issue you are experiencing.
For more help, you can contact support

Can you help me please. I don’t understanbd whats the problem.


Hey @Lagoona

What browser are you using and did it work once or are you trying to set it up?


Hey Fabian

First i wanted to download the addon for firefox… but it said that the page doesn’t exist anymore.
Then i tried to download it for chrome… it didn’t work when i tried to intsall the wallet… it just said that it doesn’t work (without a reason). But after a few tries it worked (maybe it was because i changed something in my firewall).
now when i try to open the wallet i got this message…
Thank you for your help.


Maybe you could try it with a clean installation of brave browser? im using brave my own and i have absolutly no problems.

not sure if a firewall could cause any troubles…

Okay i also tried it with the Brave browser.
I guess i am just too stupid, i give it up.
i click on the Cardano App in my Ledger… nothing happens… after a while its shows me this “timed out”.


did you already try to reinstall the app? and is your nano ledger working correctly with the other apps?