Yoroi wallet access issue


I am unable to figure out why I cant access my Yoroi wallet using ledger nano s. I created the wallet in May 2020 and stored some cardano in it. Every time I try to access it now, I get a “something unexpected happened” error? Please help!

Please update the firmware + app and try again.

This is also an error I am getting when I try to connect. UNKNOWN_ERROR (0x6e02) this pops up in my ledger live manager area.

That is another issue I am having. I have an update available on my ledger live in the portfolio tab. I click download, it downloads and then when I click install it takes no action.

Sometimes uninstall + reinstall Ledger Live is the better choice.

I will try installing ledger live on another PC and see if it works

Installing the ledger on another PC and updating firmware worked. I was then able to access my Yoroi Byron wallet and transfer my cardano to a new shelly era wallet. All is good now.