Feature Request: Add configuration option to choose data storage location

I keep my /home partition (on Linux) relatively small on purpose to make backups faster and easier.

I would like an option to tell Daedalus to store the blockchain on my data partition (which is much larger and doesn’t usually need daily backups).

This doesn’t have to be a “dynamic” option. It could be install-only, so there wouldn’t have to be code to move an existing blockchain to a new location.

The current blockchain is moderately large (and I assume it will keep growing). Quite a few large files change every time I run Daedalus, so there’s a lot for rsync to do every time.

Please feel free to move this request to a better location, etc.

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There is some content and guidelines available already


Thanks. I looked at those and they all appear to relate to Windows or
Mac. (I’m on Linux.)

I also found an existing feature request and upvoted it, but no one else
has, so I’m not holding my breath.

People who can code reliable blockchain apps are “rocket scientists” in
my book. Creating such a simple option should be really easy for them.

The whole thing can probably be done with symlinks if I knew which ones
to create.


The folder you would want to replace with symlink would be ~/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/DB-1.0

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Look at this thread

I believe you can solve it with both symlinks or the nodeDbPath variable as described in comment nr 13