Feedback needed: DRep Code of Conduct

The DRep Code of Conduct is a work that started within the Japanese community back in 2022 for the Catalyst DRep and has since evolved into a more general code of conduct document for all types of DReps if for a treasury grant system like Catalyst or for general CIP 1694 governance. As with any social agreements it is legitimate only if it is something the community wants to adopt. We have strived to find things we believe are both risks we need to counter with such social agreements as well as solutions that give a better governance experience for everyone involved in the process. However the original team are just a few persons and we really need the wider community to give feedback and hone this document into something that is the voice of many from the Cardano community. So please give any feedback and we will consider all of it and we are honored to work together with the rest of the community on this. The Code of Conduct will be part of our DRep workshops in January.-February that will have a wider scope also on recruitment and training but there will be an ethical segment as well. In short what we make here is something we will present in the workshops.

I hope as many of you as possible read this document and submit feedback in the feedback form linked below as we are heavily reliant on community feedback to evolve.

Thank you.