Filtering topics in English (Muting other languages)

This forum is really great…awesome…

but most of the times when i login…all i see is topics in different language and english discussions are very hard to find…am i missing something? is there anyway i can change setting to see only english topics…or any forum just for english…?

why do i want to see other langaguge topics in ‘Latest’ topics section when i dont know how to read them…its pointless and most of the times it is forcing me to logout immediately…not sure about others…just my two cents.

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You can mute any categories, like this:

After this you can see all the muted categories in your profile settings:

Afaik, its impossible to block the whole language in a single action, due to how the platform works.


Thanks for the reply. can we hide them in first page?

40-5% of page is something you can not read…is there any solution for this?

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Currently there isn’t any solution, for what I know. But Foundation works on some design changes to the forum, so the different languages would not clutter the front-page. Just gonna take some time. This question is especially important, since Foundation also seeks to introduce new languages to the forum.



great…will wait. hope we see the changes soon.

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It would be better if they worked on a design change that would allow the user to translate everything into a language they’re already accustomed to. I would want to know what people from different countries and cultures are discussing. They might have good points and interesting perspectives to consider. Как считаешь? :slight_smile:

Here is a workaround solution:

  1. Go to Preferences

Though it will hide all categories.


thanks…this is exactly i am looking for…