First Confirmation time

Hi Guys,

I’ve just read that once shelley has launched the first confirmation time will be around 20 seconds…

(Slot length 1 sec and SlotCoeff 0.05, meaning that u can aprox expect a first confirmation in 20 s_)

When will this expected to be faster? This Year? (I am not hearing much about Basho anymore)

Hello @Brentsk,
yes these are parameters, and parameters can be changed in the future. Of course changes have consequences and 20 seconds is pretty fast.

May I ask where do you see the need for faster slot times right now?

Hi Tommy,

Maybe I am misunderstanding confirmation times but for payments you need fast settlement times right? If Cardano wants to become the financial OS then 20 seconds won’t cut it?

Or am I misunderstanding this?

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