Crowd performance test (proposal)


Hi all
@Chainomatic and I recently conducted some transaction speed tests in order to get an idea about different network constellations (wallets, masternodes, exchanges, …)

Now we had the idea to scale this up a little bit.

The idea is to find around 20 (reliable) people here, that will PM me their receiving address. I’ll send them one ADA in advance. Then we define a precise daytime (all except 01-06 am GMT ) where all together start a 1ADA transaction to my receiving address. I will record this in a video. If it works as expected we practically showed that we did more transactions than BTC and ETH together.

For PM just click on my profile icon. If you achieved some activity in this forum you should have gotten the badge to PM other forum members.

note: this is not a scam, fake or joke. So please participate only if you’re really interested


If anyone has any doubts, for what it is worth, below is a screen clip from our PM:


Great initiative I sent you a PM.

I have one question though. Given that the network is still centralised and TPS deliberately kept at the current threshold (around 7-10/s I believe), is it really relevant to conduct it now? Wouldn’t it be more relevant to do it when Shelley has started?


It would and should be done then too, but I believe @werkof is trying to show what Cardano can do now with its wings clipped.


Let’s ping @Ghost @Justice0320 @ixmatus @zmeel @Bullishdong and see if they are interested ?


that’s correct.
If we find enough participants this would be the first test. Just to have an idea.
Then we are already prepared when Shelley comes in the engine compartment.


up to now 4 participants…


Hey, thanks for the heads up. I’m up for this. just let me know when you’d like to do this.


Also, when the next milestone is out, it would be interesting to automate some transactions with the SL API and a private network. Or just to push IOHK to do some stress test with a cloud provider.


We’re at 6…


Currently, Cardano TPS is intentionally limited. I think the test is useless now. Just wait for Shelley


Of course, as said it’s a proposal.
Limited to 7 TPS we should be able to show 20 in around 3 seconds.
It could be the first test run, for a larger one with Ouroboros Praos.

Here is not the newest but short and clear statement of what we can expect:

Then, a larger real field test (not a simulated test scenario) could be done by chaining us each to the next participant. Everyone sends his ADA to the next one. The last in chain sends it back to the first. (halves the transaction loss)


Count me in :slight_smile:


up to now, we’re in 8.
But after listening today’s Charles quick update, I might think @VDVinh is right.
If their DEVs already know about some possible improvements, and they are already working on the borderline, we should wait at least until they release the Byron fixes.
What do you say?


I think it is wise to wait for the fixes, but it’s a great initiative, so props to you


I would like to participate. I would vote to wait until after the fixes though since it would be a better test imo. (btw you mean ‘Crowd performance test’ rather than ‘crowded’ in your title. Not trying to be picky but more so that the topic is clearer from the main forum level and can get more people involved).


thanks fixed it. (not a native English writer here)


Sounds fun, why not?