Focus Working Group’s effort with Cardano Ambassador Indonesia

:calendar: Saturday, April 20th 2024

:bulb: Purpose of Event
Discussion about Project Catalyst:

  • Fund Overview
  • How Can I Participate?
  • Timeline Project Catalyst
  • Funded Proposal
  • Community Reviewer

:speaker: Host & Speaker

  • @Fanny_wijaya (Host & Speaker)
  • Randy - Community Moderator Ideascale

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Participants: 22 participants

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A week before the Cardano Fund12 update along with the Catalyst Working Groups, Cardano Ambassador and Focus Working Groups initially take a step to do chores of short session about how the Project Catalyst can benefit the whole ecosystem, not replaceable by any other type of funding such as grants, scholarship, and even loan. We also identified some similar thoughts about these such as:

  1. Intersect
  2. Near Grants
  3. Metapool Grants

This Focus Working Group consists of 20 people for the most interests among the other Mini Ambassadors or even volunteers. They spent their weekend time to meet and greet by online platform, further meetup is expected for sure. This period of catching up some material delivery by myself, Fanny Wijaya has concluded several keypoints:

  1. Assessor should have more empathy in assessing the proposals
  2. Assessor can have better insight with the milestones and budget centric focus
  3. Assessors are able to share their thoughts with differentiation on their own background without hesitation, well, in a simple way, keep up to give praise to the sentences along the way, and the values of what it is in the proposals can get better insights for the next reader, Community Moderator.

While giving a good presentation through Prezi, this results in their boxes times to analyze their own limitations and being able to get boundary spanners. I realized this decentralized ecosystem is still in need of good communication for each phase of their involvement in the Cardano ecosystem.

As far as I do the meetup with multiple events, the audiences still have an aligned working condition with the Project Catalyst. While some issues such as defining the term of each section on the proposal can result differently according to their own background. I expect there will be a good proposal attracting more language translation for Indonesian people. (As you know more than just a single language in Indonesia which has a potential market that the predecessor funded proposals has never touched before.

After 2 hours of 20 people and some questions, this Focus Working Groups moved to Whatsapp group to have its own topic discussion.