FRADA minted its first block :)

Hello there,

Even though it’s not big deal, I’m very proud to announce that my small pool FRADA has minted its first block this night at arround 4am. I was so excited when i saw my cncli Leaderlogs last epoch (and nervous as well, i didn’t want to miss the slot !)

Here is a screenshot from my logs on my Grafana node :

So let me do a brief introduction of my pool FRADA :slight_smile:

  • Launched on epoch 362 (12th of september 2022)
  • Pool ID : 2375efb30fae44b70c33ca4178a2ad811bbc89c81a358cd6dbf28ecd
  • 50K Pledge / 1% fees
  • 100% hosted in France, in 2 datacenters that use low CO2 footprint energy
  • 1 BP and 1 Relay behind a perimeter firewall
  • 1 hidden Relay connected to my BP through Wireguard VPN
  • 1 dedicated monitoring node (Grafana, Prom, Loki)

I launched an “early whale” incentive program as well, to try to get some delegators on board.

I’m trying to write some guides, and help on the Cardano Developper Portal Revamp documentation. I’m an IT professional (networks and cyber-security) with 15 years of experience, and got into the Crypto world, and Cardano, in 2017.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe !

Congratulations :wave: :grinning: :tada:

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Thank you :blush:

Congrats! The first one is the most difficult one :slight_smile:

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Well done, congrats :muscle:

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