Frankenwallet: DIY boot drive for privacy, security & SPO

This content was originally posted to the Cardano Reddit but was removed by the auto-moderation bot filters 3 times, and so missed part of its normal life expectancy before getting pushed down the board.

Though not about Catalyst itself (it refers to an upcoming Catalyst proposal) it suggests a potential platform for Governance tooling & therefore some overlap between the intended audience there & the general audience here.

I’ve been working on a secure / private operating environment for Cardano (technically usable for other blockchains & general security) for about 3 years, and decided to see if Catalyst Fund 11 could finally push it over a few hurdles… so we all get a tool that more of us will be able to use and that incorporates enough user + operator feedback to be proven robust and comprehensive.

If you’re:

  • an ordinary Cardano / crypto user interested in privacy & security of wallets, usage, records and backups;
  • worried that widespread use of software wallets on “daily driver” desktops is a community problem that needs at least 1 community solution;
  • have wanted a relatively safe environment to run CLIs like governance tooling (which could move to Mainnet without complete support by hardware wallets)

… your feedback would be welcome on the ideas in this article (est. 13 minute read):

Yes this is partly a “plug” for a Catalyst proposal but no this post is not just an attempt to get more bandwidth for it. Many “things we all need” exist in an indeterminate state before “everybody” knows about them… this proposal in Fund 11 is a (full-on & perhaps final) call to establish that the Cardano community ultimately wants this. Since the process of building the secure environment is practically the same as for Cardano’s standard Air Gap Environment (also adaptable to restricted Internet scenarios), I would argue the community ultimately needs this:

Like much of the crypto world, applications fall into 2 major categories (users and builders) so I broke it down into some shorter introductions [here]:

I would welcome any feedback [either on Reddit or here], even if anyone wants to poke some holes in the security premises or procedures. In fact, the project brief calls for these challenges specifically… so we might as well get started now. :nerd_face: