Fraudster Helpers: Who Helps Freewallet Scammers Steal Clients’ Money? (part 3)


We continue to publish reviews of sites and services that, in our opinion, help Freewallet scammers advertise. Let us emphasize once again that we are sure that most of these situations occur because Freewallet org administration misleads users, including owners of sites with reviews and reviews.

We sent questions to administrators of the websites which were mentioned here and here and found that many of them really never heard about Freewallet scam accusations.

ScamAdviser com thinks that “Freewallet is legit”

ScamAdviser is a service designed to determine the level of reliability of a counterparty based on various criteria. The main goal stated by the founders is to warn users about potential scams. To do this, each service is assigned a rating from 0 to 100. The higher it is, the more reliable the site is considered. ScamAdviser gave Freewallet org a score of 79/100. And added : “Likely to be legit. Trust rating is high.”

Dear ScamAdviser! Do you seriously think Freewallet is a secure service? Against the backdrop of so many complaints, claims, and the company’s lack of legal status? What then should the app developers do for you to confidently classify it as a scam?

By the way, please note: most of the ratings given by ScamAdviser visitors to the Freewallet application are extremely negative. There are much fewer positive reviews. But even this doesn’t stop you from giving a fraudulent service a high rating? What is this if not advertising?

GetAppco uk hides negative reviews under positive ones

If I were a scammer, I would try my best to delete complaints about myself. But what to do if you can’t erase negative comments? They need to be “overshadowed” by a mass of positive ones so that the complaint is not visible, or it is located somewhere in the depths of the discussion.

Now look at the getapp co uk website page. The very first comment colorfully advertises all the advantages of Freewallet org. But reviews from clients who lost money are hidden below.

The overall rating of the application is 2/5, which means that users are more likely to complain about Freewallet than to praise it. But what difference does it make if the first comment users see is an advertisement for the service, and they pay attention to it? make advertising reviews of Freewallet scam app

One of the largest cryptocurrency news portals was also involved in an unpleasant story with Freewallet advertising. Back in 2020, an article was published on websites with a detailed description of the wallet and its advantages. The text is very similar to advertising and contains inserts about the security, reliability, and functionality of the application.

We understand that most likely similar texts were written about dozens of other wallets. But look at the reviews of real customers who suffered from Freewallet! Don’t help scammers find new victims! Don’t advertise Freewallet!