Fraudster Helpers: Who Helps Freewallet Scammers Steal Clients’ Money? (part 2)


Yesterday we published a list of those who help advertise Freewallet org, a fraudulent crypto wallet. Today it’s time to expand this list.

Separately, we would like to emphasize that we do not have the goal of accusing the owners of websites and forums of aiding and abetting a scam. Perhaps many of them are sincerely mistaken, not realizing the criminal goals of Freewallet. Therefore, first of all, we want to convince authors and administrators: do not help Freewallet scammers deceive clients! Don’t advertise their app!

Look at this comment. Obviously, it was not written by a real user, but by a person who wanted to advertise the application. There are many similar posts on The site administration cannot help but understand that the owners of Freewallet themselves are attracting new victims in this way. Why “victims”? Yes, because you should enter “scammed by Freewallet org” in the search and you will see dozens of stories!

g2 com could issue a warning about serious scam allegations. But unfortunately they haven’t done it yet

Cryptwerk com names Freewallet Monero wallet as secure and easy-to-use

Cryptwerk com names Freewallet Monero wallet as easy-to-use mobile wallet with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange. And this despite the fact that on the site itself there are dozens of negative comments in which users complain about scams.

That is, the site owners do not pay attention to the opinions of users at all. It is important to note that not all beginners re-read the comments when deciding to install a particular wallet. That’s why they often only look at the review, and not the comments to it. And such reviews only help Freewallet org scammers to find more victims!

Scam Detector ignored numerous facts of fraud commited by Freewallet org

Scam Detector is a well known website on which you can check whether any service is legit.

Unfortunately, although the algorithm used indicates the risks, it does not reflect the full depth of the danger of this wallet. In particular, the administration assigned the status of “medium risk” to Freewallet. In fact, this application steals users’ money, and there is no security to speak of.

Dear owners of websites and Internet portals!

We value your feedback to help users find convenient and safe applications. Please respond to well-founded accusations of asset theft and customer deception! Don’t help scammers from Freewallet org!