Hello everyone! How to defend yourself from all your scams?

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You’ve come to the right place, the source - this forum, which is replete with people who are in fact either working for or ambassadors or massive, giant fans of Cardano or CH, such as myself. You will not get false information here.

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  1. Get educated, and try to always hit the next link until you understand what you are getting into.

  2. Crosscheck and think critically, don’t take any one person’s word (or his friends’) on anything.

  3. Before you give away your personal details or your money, always google and research if the other side is a scam, or even just risky.

  4. And never give anyone your private keys or your seed phrase :wink: .

And we can also help directly by taking down scammers.
The community helps keep our space safe and clean. You’re welcome to join us.

Thank you it’s great to be able to communicate on this forum, I hope that in the future with the blockchain we may be able to stop all its scams on the net, because some people are really exposed and do not realize the risk sometimes … .