Fraudster Helpers: Who Helps Freewallet Scammers Steal Clients’ Money?

One of the most scandalous crypto wallets of our days is FreewalletThis application masquerades as a reliable and secure service for storing tokens and coins. But in reality, the Freewallet org administration steals clients’ money by illegally blocking their wallets.


This activity has been going on for several years. But still, every day we encounter new complaints from victims. Today it’s worth trying to explain why this happens.
While studying the question of why new customers continue to install Freewallet, we found a number of resources that actively advertise this application.

It’s worth noting right away that perhaps many of them are influenced by advertising launched by the service administration itself. Therefore, we cannot claim that all sites and resources that publish positive reviews about Freewallet are in collusion with scammers. But at a minimum, this text is intended to convince editors and owners of these platforms to stop advertising the fraudulent Freewallet org wallet.

Coinbureau com supports Freewallet scammers

If you enter the query Freewallet reviews into the search bar, one of the first links will be the Coinbureau website page dedicated to this wallet. The detailed review of the service repeatedly mentions the advantages of Freewallet. The authors of the text say that

Freewallet has undergone some controversy, but in the end, it doesn’t look as if anything nefarious was being attempted. The company has grown from a single wallet in 2016 to two dozen wallets in 2019, many of which have the highest rating for their coin type on the Google Play store.

That is, in fact, the authors of the text say that someone asked questions about the legality of the actions of the Freewallet administration, but they do not see any serious problems. This is far from true. You know very well that hundreds of clients directly accuse the wallet of stealing their assets. And such text indicates one thing: the owners of the service paid Coinbureau for a custom-made and untruthful article advertising scammers!

FoxyRating publishes prepaid comments, advertising Freewallet scammers

Another well-known portal, Foxyrating com, was seen in custom advertising for Freewallet scam. On the corresponding page of this resource you can find a number of “comments” left by users. Most of them are clearly custom-made and do not reflect the real state of affairs.

Commentators write that this is a “Nice wallet for buying and trading crypto” and that while using the wallet they note “No issues for a very long period of time”.

This is an obvious lie. Perhaps the administration itself publishes such reviews in order to mislead newcomers. But in any case, we want to ask the question: why don’t the owners of Foxyrating take any action to stop the Freewallet scam ?

Does Aptoide supports Freewallet scammers?

Aptoide com is one of the new but popular resources to discuss crypto apps. On the corresponding page of the site there is a complimentary article that lists all the advantages of the wallet: multi-currency, user-friendly interface, two-factor authentication.

But the site owners never mentioned that the Freewallet administration simply steals clients’ assets and illegally blocks their accounts. In fact, we see blatant advertising of scammers. And this again forces us to ask the question: why do the site owners ignore dozens of complaints left by victims of the Freewallet scam?


Did the authors, in the process of writing such complimentary reviews, not notice how many people lost money because of Freewallet? Our personal opinion — the administration of the wallet actively pays for reviews and positive mentions on authoritative resources.

But we could be wrong. I would like the owners of sites with reviews of crypto wallets to be more careful in checking the reputation of the projects mentioned on their pages. Otherwise, there is a risk that the deceived victims of the Freewallet scam will consider them accomplices in the crime!