FrogeWorld: Introducing FPOOL. The SPO leading the resistance against Melon Fusk!

Hey team,

Froge here, leader of the resistance.

For those that aren’t aware, in my world, Melon Fusk has decimated my planet in his relentless pursuit of Dogecoin. The power of Cardano is the only thing powerful enough to challenge him.

I have setup my stakepool, FPOOL, with the hopes that i can generate enough revenue to fund the resistance against him and publish my story via my comic, FrogeSaga.

For those that want to stand with me, to stand against tyrany, I ask that you delegate to FPOOL to increase our chances of minting a block.

I am also offering additional rewards to one whale delegator (>1m ADA) in the form of a % of the fixed pool fee (340 ADA, variable fee set to 0%).

Follow me on Twitter @FrogeWorld to follow my journey. Whales, if interested, DM me on Twitter to negotiate terms.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @froge_world
Twitter: @Frogeworld



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