FUD in its purest form

This article links every crypto back to USD… except ADA. Then go on to say there is basically only support for ADA around the .02 - .07 mark. Crap like this just makes me want to buy more, but like another post, I can only buy so many dips :wink:

Your .02 - .07 is wrong.
If you multiply Bitcoin’s price, $10,500, by their .0000246 it comes out to .2583 of a dollar. Much different than .02 - .07

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Thanks, I added an extra zero by accident when multiplying by now and top end of BTC. Still crap how they only analyze ADA vs BTC and every other coin against USD though. Thanks again for catching my mistake.

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“Cardano is considered one of the weakest cryptocurrencies”.

Thank you for sharing, it made my day. :joy:

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I must be insane…I just bought more ADA (again)this morning when I saw it dropped another 5% in the last 24hrs…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And when you read all the other BS…you realize his failed predictions in the past, and uses “however”, “furthermore”, “should” to “justify” the BS he is writing…for example, read the IOTA/USD…he goes all over the place…he predicts 2.20 when it was 1.90 , but it went down to 1.5…but wait !..it went up to 1.97 which is an improvement, and when it hits 2.20 it will rally to 2.35 in a few days !!..:rofl:…Feels like he is reading TAROT cards…


They show ADA/BTC, but in analysis, he uses $ sign

we expect the Cryptocurrency to break down to the support level of $0.0000246

Author has 4 years of experience?

Wilfried Paul has been a cryptocurrency investor for the past 5 years with 4 years experience in cryptocurrency research and writing.

It looks like the analysis is copied from Cointelegraph.

BTW, aren’t we increasing their search engine rankings by linking it on forum.cardano.hub? :joy:

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Well done…you are not insane…allot TA s have perdicted at swing at 2700 sats for weeks. so…you know just supporting your decision for what its worth :smiley: