Fund payment address from Coinbase?

Hi again.

So I have the payment address that I created with my payment and stake keys. I want to fund it, but my ADA are currently in Coinbase.
I tried to transfer 2 ada to the payment address, but nothing shows up when I query that address. Coinbase, did not give any feedback at all.

So, can I do this, or do I need to first transfer my ADA to another wallet somehow?

Also, I am curious, since this is the first time my payment address is being used and it was created offline on my air-gapped machine, is it that the ledger creates writes the address and the transfer in one transaction?

Thank you.

Creating a new address is a process that is totally disconnected from the blockchain. Essentially, you choose a large random number, which can then get encoded (not encrypted) in 24 words from the bip39-dictionary. From that random seed, you can derive the private key and from that (through an elliptic curve) the public key. The hash of the public key is the address.

The network is not involved in the process above. When the sender (i.e. your Coinbase account) pays an unspent transaction output (UTxO) to an address for the first time, the blockchain associates that UTxO with the new address. Only the owner of the corresponding private key can now spent that.

If you like, you can spend a rainy afternoon guessing random seeds and generate Cardano addresses from it. If you find an address that holds ADA, they are yours.

The total address space is 2048 ^ 24. The system relies on an extremely low probability that no two entities will ever pick the same random number.

Is your node synced?

Okay that makes sense. The cli must “pick” the large random number for us when we issue address build command, right?

Thanks… Yes it’s synced.
I re-sent a small amount and it worked! I must have just messed up with the Coinbase user interface the first time I tried.

Yes, and if we are talking about more ADA than you are happy to loose, you would want to let hardware do that, which then also stores that seed in a chip with guarantees that it will never leave that chip.

So is there a way to get the addresses/wallets I already created with the cli on my air gapped machine into a hardware wallet?

Also when I created the addresses, neither phrase words nor a seed was output to copy down. Did I miss a step?

Thank you again for all your help. I’m really enjoying trying to get a pool running. I keep thinking I’m close, but a bit nervous as my bother and I will be putting up pledge and I don’t want to lose it of course! I went so far today to write a little cli transaction to move funds from our paymentforstake address to Coinbase. (Just to prove we could get pledge out if we had to.) It’s was a thrill to see it go through since it was run from our very own BP!

is there a way to get the addresses/wallets I already created with the cli on my air gapped machine into a hardware wallet?

No, for two reasons. First, the CLI generates the private key and stores it in a *.skey file. It does not give access to the underlying random seed. Second, even if it did, the elliptic curve algorithm used by Ledger/Trezor is different to the one used by CLI, Daedalus, Yoroi, ADALite. This leads to an unfortunate incompatibility of those two wallet classes even if you had the random seed (encoded in 24-word mnemonic) it would lead to two different address spaces.

Also when I created the addresses, neither phrase words nor a seed was output to copy down. Did I miss a step?

No, this is how the CLI works. The best thing is, to start of with a HW wallet and forget about those other SW options for generating keys. I honestly don’t understand why all these guides don’t show you how to use a HW wallet, if at the same time this forum is full of sad stories from folks loosing their funds because of it.

As long as you have your funds on Ledger (also the pledge) you are safe. Still, always check that the output address is the same as the one that Ledger displays before you press the buttons. Rest assured, that no malware can press those buttons, nor get access to your private key stored on a secure chip.

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hello, i did followed step 10 in coincashew, to set my yoroi as my pledge, at the end its says “payment address can be found from yoroi”, how i can check the new payment.addr that i have is in yoroi???

also it askes to fund this address, since i put the mnemonic, i though i will get the fund aytomatically from yoroi, is everything okay like this???

after adding 2relay do we need to run topologyupdater in relay-1 again ??? or on relay-2 as well ???

You need to run the updater regularly, for example via a cron job, on each node. This will keep the mainnet aware of your relays.
You can make sure that they are registered by going to this URL and looking for them: