Fungible Tokens

Starting a project on the Cardano network to distribute fungible tokens to 5,000 wallets can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not very experienced with blockchain technology. However, here’s a simplified approach to your project:

Develop a Script: You’ll need a script that can automate the creation and sending of your fungible tokens to the wallets. This script would typically be written in a programming language that can interact with the Cardano blockchain, such as JavaScript (with cardano-serialization-lib) or Python.

Gather Wallet Addresses: To collect wallet addresses, you’ll need to query the blockchain for recent transactions, balances, and token holdings. This can be done using a Cardano blockchain explorer API or by running a Cardano node and using its API to fetch the data.

I am not very experieced so it need to be easy to use!
Tg andrew16b