Galaxy watch NFT face WearOS

Hi, I recently saw the Ledger Live support for Cardano through a joint effort from the Cardano developers. Wondering if it would ever be possible for me to connect to a wallet to my WearOS galaxy watch and set my NFT As a watch face!

Just a community member here with a wish. Thanks if you happen to see this topic and like the idea. The idea could very well adopted for Apple watches too.

Couldn’t you just download the image file linked in your NFT and set that as a background image?

(Of course, you do not have to own the NFT for that. You can just navigate to it on, irrespective of the owner.)

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True, :joy:. That’s how I have it now. Wondering if having it as an NFT on the watch face makes a difference.

Technically, not much. You could implement a restriction that NFTs can be set directly (and only if you own them) when connecting a wallet. But for a personal device that makes even less sense than the Twitter NFT avatars (in my opinion). It makes something super simple rather complicated. And people could still circumvent it by just “right-clicking” and using the image.

For NFTs to make (perhaps) some sense, they have to have some additional utility other than owning a link to an image, where anybody can view the link as well as the image.

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I think utility is it could be used for anything that needs to show a proof of ownership of the image. Besides that these NFTs look like very expensive Pokemon cards to me :joy:. Like you said I could right click save and put it as my watch face.

But then that’s like a fake rolex vs a real rolex watch :joy:.

Depends on what “ownership” means. There are a lot of NFT projects without any specific mention what rights are transferred together with the NFT. Default is: Creator retains full copyright, you just buy a quite expensive link.

If there are specific terms that explicitly give you part of the copyright, royalty percentages for licensing etc. pp., I would definitely consider that as utility.

Still not worth much for algorithmically generated ugly apes, in my opinion, but could make sense for “real” art, high-quality press photos, …

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