Game theory made accessible to myself

A little explanation on game theory that is worth having a look at.

Cheat me once, I’ll forgive. Cheat me twice …


Hi, thanks for sharing. This is really a great way of learning. I haven’t seen this style and level of quality before and it works really well for the subject matter. The lessons taught here are deep on many levels. I enjoyed the exploration. I have bookmarked the links in the credits and will be checking them out soon. Thanks again!

Thanks a lot for that link! Enjoyed both the content and the cool design

Great post. I’ve had the opportunity to explain block-chains and cryptocurrencies to people fairly new to the ecosystem. Exploring how to take dense materiel and simplify it without loosing the essence of the subject is important to expand our community.

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Cheat me once shame on you, cheat me twice shame on me :slight_smile: