General Direction For My Project

Hello, I am looking to develop some sort of functional component that will trigger every (fixed time) 7 days, epoch, etc. On trigger it will distribute a wallets balance difference from the first day to the final day to a randomly selected NFT holder (Also on ADA chain). Once the difference in balance has been distributed start the process over again, indefinitely.

I am a software engineer and have a lot of experience with both stacks, just no experience with smart contracts. Can someone give me some guidance on the best approach. Below I will break down some key features I will need for this project.

Feature 1: Some sort of contract that will start and after x time trigger to payout (the difference in balance between day one and trigger time) to a random holder of an NFT. Once complete start this process over, Indefinitely. (This may not be the best approach, maybe the contract loops. I do not know the capabilities or best practices)

Feature 2: I will also need to create a wallet that will only be accessible from this contract. I want it to be open to take deposits at all times but only send money when Feature 1 is triggered.

Not sure if you find the proper help here in the forum. Check out the different platforms which may fits better for your request.

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