General questions on getting started

Hi everyone and thank you for taking my questions!

I’m interested in translating content for the ADA community but can’t really decide where to post the translations which I’ve completed so far, aside from my twitter account (right here!) - does anyone have any suggestions?

Additionally, does anyone know if there are limits on who can send DM’s and when they can send them? Are there certain minimum levels of involvement that have to be demonstrated before we can share DM’s?

Thanks very much again in advance!

Hi @Biotech2020 ,

Welcome to Cardano Forum. If you are interested to do translation into Arabic language then you could create a topic in English > Education at the moment. Please do add the emoji flag in the title.

This is example that I did: 🇮🇩 Blog IOHK: Meningkatkan desentralisasi jaringan dengan P2P

Or please increase your trust level into level 2, so you can unlock the hidden categories for contributing translation. Please read this article: Trust Levels and Lounge of the Cardano Forum

Kindly read this article also: Interested in Translating Cardano Content?

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Thank you so much for these tips, this is really a huge help. I’ll get started on contributing to that thread!

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No problem. Glad to help. I follow you also in Twitter :coffee: