Getting started and learning more about Cardano on the Web

Hi everyone!

Do you know some good resources to get started and learn more about Cardano on the Web, especially video courses / MOOCs (Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc.), YouTube (quality content), or other interactive platforms?


IOHK YouTube channel

Seabstian something ( sorry can’t remember ) is a team member from EMURGO has a YouTube channel you could check the information he has on his channel ( you have hours and hours of reading materials )


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There’s a good list of resources on the wiki:


There is a lot of information there, thanks!

After a search on YouTube, it looks like it is Sebastien Guillemot’s YouTube channel you are mentioning:
I just subscribed to it as well as to Emurgo’s channel.

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This is the one!
Have fun learning about Cardano, it’s exciting
IOHK channel has a lot of content ( white boards you may like )

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Here is a link to IOHK (Cardano developer) channel:

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Thanks! I started to watch the videos, very interesting.

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