Where provides you the best sources of new protocols?

I’ve been into Cardano since Aug. 2021. Most of my info about Cardano protocols are from my discord servers & twitter feeds.

I’m wondering if there is a website full of info about protocols? Maybe something similar to cardanocube but I don’t think there is enough info there. Thank you very much!

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You could try https://www.cardanolink.net/


I’ve found Dapp Central and his YT videos to be helpful. Very informative and pretty impartial.

@shaggyrax welcome to the conversation.

Could you please provide links to these resources.

I just came across the Essential Cardano: Guide To The Ecosystem. This is a slide presentation, with embedded links to recognised projects and services by IOG.

There is this dynamic community contributed guide as well.

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My bad! Here ya go brother:

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This seems to be a nice website. I’m curious if we can upload links there too? We have Taiwanese cardano groups

@willhuang0606 essentialcardano.io does look like an English based site. It’s operated by IOG, so perhaps you would need to contact them to find out. There is an enquiry form at the bottom of this page you can use.

Ok I will try to apply with this form

Have you checked out Lidonation.com lots of great info and articles.

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They do. A bit hard to find stuff at times, though.

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I agree with that statement.