gLiveView failed to load common env File and ERROR: Wrong EKG Port

I have come to an interesting finding, I have managed to run the gLiveView by running it while the node is not running. Then turning the node back on after gliveview is already running. However I do not see any peers which makes me think either the blockchain hasn’t synced yet or that gLiveView still thinks the node is off. Any insight would be much appreciated.

That’s because u probably run more than 1 node on the server

try sudo systemctl status cnode
sudo systemctl status cardano-node

Heres what the statuses returned

So just to recap on how I got everything working. For some reason gLiveVeiw only works for me if I start it before the node. And then to get the peers working i found after reading another thread you just need to turn TraceBlockFetchDecisions to True and now I can see my outbound peers.