gLiveView on cardano Preview Testnet not working

Hi guys, i’m setting up the cardano node in preview testnet topology. I’ve already downloaded all the blockchain, but everytime i want to launch the gLiveView it appears: COULD NOT CONNECT TO A RUNNING INSTACE, 3 FAILED IN A RAW!
If i type journalctl --unit=cardano-node --follow i can see the blockchain that is updating so i think it’s working fine. If i type enter when there are the errors i can see for a while the gLive, also the env file is fine.
Schermata del 2022-12-20 19-45-51

I’ve tried to reinstall gLive, i’ve searched on internet but i didn’t foud so much. It could be because i’m trying to connect to the preview testnet blockchain?
Do someone have already encountered this issue or know some command that can help me?

Looks like a bug for me… did u start the node on port 6000?

Hi Alex, i kept the topology file like the one downloaded, "address": "", "port": 30002

Thank you a lot, it was the commented line into the env file about the port, now works fine