Good day everyone, ive lost my NFT on CNFT

I was trying to put on sell my NFT and after I’ve tried it disappeared, how can I find it what can I do?



Cardania #00945

The NFT was sent to an exchange address (I believe)


as far as I know exchanges don’t support NFTs, u can’t do anything for the moment to recover it


thank you for your replay ,that my address i bought it , yesterday i was trying to sell it but twice went error and after error its gone

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for NFT u should not use exchanges, u must use cardano wallets which support Cardano native assets

Now u must contact the exchange support team and ask them if they can have access to this asset


yesterday I just pressed sell CNFT website then set the price and that’s it

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Is this the address from where u paid for NFT?


on which site u tried to sell it?

i bought it on CNFT and i was trying to sell it on the same CNFT

i was searching for addresses on cardano scan I’m not sure if it is the correct one

but from which wallet did u bought it?

this is my wallet

, aa ok u didn’t used exchanges address, so after u pressed sell it dissapeared right? Then it must be gone to the SC wallet address… can u search for the NfT on market site to check if the NFT is available for sale ?
Click on inventory,active session,listing, wallets etc
U should find more informations there

its empty, and yes i was trying to find it if its on sale and wasn’t there, what is SC

SC = smart contract

Then try to contact the team (market place support team) and ask them for details

What is the name of this market place?

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can you see any address that i can check

Contact the support team, I am sure they can help u

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Why won’t you say which CNFT selling website you used? Alex asked a few times trying to help, but you won’t reveal the site with a website address.

There are loads of CNFT commerce-enabling markets out there. Why not specify?

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So, from the history of that wallet:

You purchased that NFT on 2022-01-12.
This is your payment: (to a normal address)
And here you received the NFT: (from a smart contract that took your payment as an input)

You sent it away on 2022-04-01: (to a Byron address)

Where did you get that DdzFFzCqrhseWmEFNGDUEXVud7UquaxmbggiEzkuw271ozWUU2Ge8qupgvr2cAEhZmEE8aZL2w7kLXNmg5KmxgtR2yFZJCYZxEgjvmNj address that you sent to from?
Was it set by (or the marketplace you used instead)?