Governance Workshop 2023 concept document

there is this “governance workshop”-concept document going around, it is in an early stage but people are hungry for comments, thoughts and ideas if anyone wants to join you can use this link: Gov Workshops 2023 - Google Docs or post your comments in this thread if you prefer that.

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thanks for posting Tommy :slight_smile:
actually quite nice to have an additional space on the forum to directly discuss such documents tho

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would adress three main question on which we still would need some attention on:

  1. Funding and Sustainability: One of the key challenges in organizing and implementing the workshops is finding a way to fund and sustain such efforts. This will require exploring various funding options, such as grants, sponsorships, and community donations, and developing a sustainable funding model that can support the ongoing needs of the workshops.

  2. Tracking and Recognition of Participation: Another important issue that needs to be addressed is how to track and recognize participation in the workshops. This includes developing a process for documenting engagement, and contributions, as well as recognizing participants for their efforts.

  3. Determining In-Person Attendees: In order to effectively organize and run in-person workshops, it will be important to determine who should attend. This may involve setting specific criteria for participation, such as expertise in a particular area or a demonstrated commitment to community governance, and using a selection process to identify the most qualified attendees.

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Some thoughts

  • What is a “PIP”?
  • How do we get broader and high-quality participation? Especially from people with a lot of experience and deep insights in governance?
  • Have we thought about having operational professionals to organise this?
  • I have used this Fiverr in the past with very good results re video creation., 2 min animated of high quality for like $100 or so.
  • Most people who have contributed thus far are the “catalyst insiders” (taking the devil’s advocate view now). Needs more from other parts of ecosystem IMHO!

Ultimately, very busy people who have the experience and insights and knowledge needed to do governance well will be too expensive to pay in money. There needs to be other incentives to get them to participate. I know for sure that they won’t be sitting around for 1-2 hour long unstructured discussions (I have in mind people whose time is worth $100-$1000/hour)