Government Contract use case using smart contracts in Cardano

Hi everyone,

Here is another quick video of my thoughts of potential use cases for smart contracts in Cardano. In this case, I speak of government contracts and how smart contract solutions can increase liquidity for both the provider and the receiver of products/services.



This definitely could end up being a use case. I think the issue for a lot of this stuff is that the infrastructure and expectations of how people do such things will need to change, which will take time. Cardano/Smart Contracts are going to need to be so simple that it’s as easy as opening an app on one’s phone and clicking 2 buttons to confirm that the next milestone has been reached, but that’s going to take a hell of a lot of thinking before it’s possible to do that since we need to answers a lot of questions such as security/safety, universal UI/or specific products which tackle specific use cases, etc. etc.


It’s difficult to conceptualize at the moment. I agree with you. Milestone verification will have to be easy, and UI may have to be tailored towards individual customers. Governments require rigidity and simplicity, while individuals may require more in depth features.

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