Enterprise use cases?

Hi there,
Complete newbie to Cardano so please excuse the question if it seems very basic.
I’d like to ask about the enterprise use cases for Cardano. Are they limited to certain areas as listed on the website (education, retail, agriculture, government, finance and healthcare), or are they potentially boarder such as a marketplace (not for NFTs)?

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There are tremendous uses cases for enterprise. In fact, I’d say (only from observation) that Cardano is excelling here in a way others have not and are ahead of individual use cases. So Cardano has a couple of L2 solutions from IOHK…Atala Prisim and Atala Scan are two. Check out AtalaPrisim.io and it’s the solution for digital identity and Scan is for supply chain management and tracking.So organizations are using that to track cattle, whisky, and wine. On the finance side, they are using Prisim for digital ID and education records; opening the door to other services. but that use of a records store has commercial purposes as well. In finance, there will be liquidity pools and protocols; and eventually swaps and trusts.