Greetings from Chennai, India

Howdy folks,
Crypto entrepreneur from India here. Software engineer by training and long time Silicon Valley veteran, as well as Hard Money and Cryptocurrency advocate here.

Love the space and try to focus all our team efforts on the best cryptos out there.

I run Indra Crypto Capital and YieldWallet. We manage the YIELD stake pool and are currently working on a new Exchange, IndraX: ADA will be supported!

Cheers and long live Cardano.

Gautam Sampathkumar


Welcome! Thanks for posting! Very glad to see your contributions as well.


Welcome, love to see ADA take off in India


Thanks guys. As far as ADA taking off in India, we hope to be instrumental in making that happen. Step 1: Fiat onramp to ADA.

Will keep the community updated as we make progress.

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