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My name is Angel León, I’m the founder of a criptocurrency daily publication called

Ever since we found out about Cardano we’ve tried to cover its most important stories and we were lucky enough to be invited by Charles to the IOHK Summit 2019 in Miami. We had a chance to break bread and ask him a couple of technical and philosophical questions and as he answered we showed him the perspective of the millions of people who are victim to ruthless banking systems in south america and he quickly adjusted his views on things like stablecoins once he learned for example that in Colombia banks charge its customers for things like checking a balance, or 0.4% on every transaction between 2 different accounts.

These are things that discourage poor people from joining the banking system, such fees don’t affect the rich as much as it hurts the poor and this makes them stay cash based and at a big disadvantage.

We dream of a latin america powered by scalable stablecoins, we like the idea of stablecoins because we deal with real people and it’s much easier to explain to them here are 100 colombian pesos, they’re electronic, and they’re not controlled by the government, so you don’t have to fear your account will be seized, and the same thing for every local fiat currency. Hearing Cardano’s vision of it being an Internet of Blockchains and seeing how seriously they take the development process with rigorous academic research and review we are hopeful this vision could come true with Cardano’s technology.

I reach out to this community to listen to your stories, specially if you live in a spanish speaking country, or if you live abroad and you’re using Cardano in anyway to help your loved ones, we want to hear your stories and amplify your voice.

If you have a story to tell, please write me at

Cheers and thanks for reading.


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