Greetings From Ryan F - SAP Dev Extraordinaire

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce myself to the Cardano community. I’m developer - but I also come from a very different world than from blockchain.

In my professional life - I work as SAP Developer. For those of you not familiar - SAP is the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software of most Fortune 500 companies and other large institutions. SAP systems implement everything from CRM, order entry, supply chain, procurement, order fulfillment, warehouse management, manufacturing, business partner master data, and finance. I’m an expert in the ABAP programming language used in SAP systems. I’ve also done web-based extensions of that environment with Java, .NET, and node.js. To be clear - I don’t work for SAP the corp itself, but for a variety of commercial and government clients that implement and develop on the platform.

Like many of you, I learned about Cardano as I dabbled in cryptocurrency investing. But as I’ve gotten to learn more about Cardano’s technical direction - I’ve gotten more excited about actually using it as a solution to extend the SAP systems I work on. I think Cardano could have some incredible use-cases integrating with an ERP, don’t you?

Blockchain and SAP ERP integrations are a really high potential area - but it hasn’t been well explored and documented in my opinion. I’ve come to the Cardano forums to get to know this platform better - particularly after learning about low gas fees, the use of Haskell (Charles you man of culture you!), tools in Marlowe and JS, and the overall depth of functionality post hard-fork . Wouldn’t it be cool to build a proof of concept integrated with SAP someday? I think that would be fascinating - especially if its something I could share with you all :wink:

Feel free to say hi - or even connect on LinkedIn. I look forward to getting to know you all and learning more about Cardano as the platform evolves.