Greetings from the Great Lakes!


Greetings to the Cardano Community!

I am MermADA of the Metro Mermaids Staking Pool, Ticker: [TAILS] based out of the Great Lakes region of the United States. A married mother of 4 my goal is to leave a better planet for our guppies and your children alike.

My team consists of my husband and I, combined we have 30 years IT experience. While I am already an active figure on a day to day basis working to improve our planet through beach clean ups and other environmental efforts, I look forward to using this opportunity to further our abilities to help the organizations we support.

Metro Mermaids are proactive in undertaking and implementing environmental action and education, contributing to the improvement of our earths ecosystem. Our pool commission is currently set to 1%, though this may go up in time. We give 15% to each of the 6 charities listed below, visit our website to learn about them. The remaining 10% of that 1% commission goes to helping expand operations.

  • Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Great Lakes Alliance
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy

Our network has 4 nodes currently operating in the US, France and Germany. We have 8GB of RAM in our relay nodes and 16 in our block producer. We have managed to keep our operational costs low by signing a long term contract. We look forward to being with you for the long swim.

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