Growing Cardano Brain Power & Liquidity with Safety

Cardano Catalyst has had one of the Prime Principles for at least the last two Challenges. Grow a body of individuals. The important of growing the community cannot be overemphasized.

C4S - Cardano4Seniors has taken that to be our mission and mantra- grow the Senior participation within Cardano! Currently, there are Two Billion Seniors. This population is set to double in ten years per the UN. Many of these Seniors are retired and are skilled professionals. We want to attract their critical thinking and liquidity to Cardano.

Funded in F8 we are on track and are looking to expand, solidify, become self/sufficient and grow the Community. Please help by reviewing the several Proposals we entered. Give us your feedback, critique and support. Thanks Tom.

C4S Hubs

C4S-Educating Seniors as DRepps


C4S Outreach