Guide in SPANISH on How to Install Caradno-Node/Cli on a Raspberry Pi 4 - Shelley Mainnet

We have done it again! Translating useful documentation for the current and future Spanish-speaking stake pool operators out there! You can find the guide here. Translated by The Legend of ₳da [TLOA].

Remember to support the small pool operators by delegating to their pools! Be part of the crypto revolution!

The original guide was created by Pi Pool [BERRY]. The Legend of ₳da [TLOA] only translated its content.

I do not read or write Spanish but I thin it would be wide to add a large caveat about running the Cardano software on Arm. See Pool cannot stay up - please help .

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Yessir, thank you for pointing that out. One of the listed prerequisites is a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM, and if using a 4GB version, a Swap partition for extra RAM is required. I, myself, am running my stake pool on a RPI 4 with 8GB RAM. It’s been up and running for more than 10 days straight, with no interruptions nor problems thus far. Not even when changing epochs, where several operators have mentioned their nodes crashing.

It may well build and even run reliably for some time (especially if the threaded GHC runtime is disabled) but there are still bugs and the reliability will be less than if it was built for and running on x86_64.

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Thank you for the heads up. I’ll keep a backup plan if that comes to be, migrating my pool to x86_64 if needed.

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