In depth guide on raspberry pi 4 setups?

i have 3 raspberry pi 4s sitting here, looking for some help with making sure its the same to setup nodes on pis and on a desktop computer or my macbook pro. all of my hardware runs a flavor of ubuntu20. im new to all of this but im teaching myself daily and nightly. any help thats free and accurate is greatly apprecited. just an average guy trying to be a part of something i whole heartedly believe in. thanks!!

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Check this


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hey thanks for the reply. however i have the 4gb versions from another project and the 8gb versions are seemingly unattainable. so it looks like its back to the original plan of running 3 mac pro towers and one pi for cold storage.

Hey RJ,

I used the CoinCashew guide to teach myself how to setup a pool. Minimum recommended specs for a node in my opinion is 16GB RAM each and a 4 core 8 thread CPU with 240gb SSD. Dell optiplex 9020s with Ubuntu LTS are great for this at about $250 each on eBay. A Pi should work well as an air gapped machine, I use an old laptop flashed with LTS personally.

I’d you get stuck post here, there’s always somebody willing to help!

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