1 Old Tower & 7 Laptops, Nodes w/ no pool?

Big Cardano fan and I have a random question and thought this would be the place to ask it. I looked into making a stake pool but I don’t think I could get enough staked to make it really functional / worth others time. From what I understand you need a fair amount to be staked, but I could be wrong. I’m still a bit new. Could I simply donate processing power to the network without setting up a stake pool? (I ran miners for years but this is my first time looking into nodes)

I have an old Dell tower and a bunch of laptops sitting around. I could simply switch them to Ubuntu and hook them up to the network but I’m not sure if that is even helpful to the network / worth the time without a stake pool attached. Any thoughts or ideas on how I could donate this small amount of processing power to the network would be much appreciated!

Hello ETSada,
you surely can set-up a passive node and maybe switch to a pool later on.

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Great! Yea it would be nice to run a pool but I only have 8k ADA to work with, if I’m reading the Stake Pool calc right it costs ₳ 24,820 per year to run the pool. I’m not sure this old mini tower I have can keep up with the minimum processing / power requirement without some upgrades but a few of the newer laptops i have seem to have the speeds needed.