Anyone know which exchange this wallet address is?

I was hacked. My coins were withdrawn to this address


Unfortunately no


Has been used as an example in a discussion back in May 2019:

So, must be an exchange that was already pretty big back then.

That is to my knowledge Binance.

Simply googled and found a iohk github disscussion where it is named “binance cold storage”. Fits with the other things.

At yr service

Interesting, I thought they had most of the ADA staked. After all, they make 20% of all stake.

And couldn’t find any staked wallet in the closely related to that address, so I concluded that it probably isn’t Binance.

I believe hackers will use other obscure exchanges which not require the KYC for withdrawing funds

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this was the source (link)


Ah, okay, @erikd, Do you remember if you positively know that this is Binance?

I have no idea at all. Binance could have hundreds of addresses. I suspect they probably create a new deposit address for each customer that wants to deposit ADA.

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Yes, they do, but this is an address used for a long time – not one of the short-lived deposit addresses.

You used it as an example address for an address with lots of transactions in that cardano-explorer github issue 2.5 years ago and wrote that it is Binance cold storage.

But we were wondering, because it is not delegated to a Binance pool and scammers/hackers tend to use exchanges that are even more shady than Binance.

인간아 생각하는 꼬라지가 부정적이고. 관상은 과학이다

쓰레기야 코인 잃었는데 건배라니 인성에 문제 있니?