Half a Billion Dollar’s Worth of Ada is now Delegated to Mission-driven Stake Pools on Cardano

Look for the next IOG delegation round application, should be coming out soon. 100 of us are in round 1 now, ends in a month I think. 3.2M

Cardano Foundation also has a delegation strategy, not sure about timeline.


The possibilities here are very exciting. In particular, it would be great to explore how the audit trail could be used to maximize the real world effect of fundraising. For example, there are many charities the do good work, but spend much of the money they receive on salaries, offices and other overhead. Whereas most mutual aid groups for the un-housed community are run entirely by volunteers, and spend their money entirely on crucially needed supplies such as tents, underwear, hygiene products, etc.


For children on earth.


Proud to be on this list :slight_smile: so far we adopted (supported) 3 seal pups in rescue station, you can find more about the animals we supported here: ADA Seal - Cardano Staking Pool


Lets Digitalise this Artworld!!!

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This is what it’s all about

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DECENTRALIZATION and helping out charities! Excellent, I’m all in!


Hi, currently my pool [IPIB] is donating every month to Save the Children and being able to do it on chain would be great. Unfortunately my contribute is not as big as I wish, but I’m sure it will grow over time. Please keep me informed about the possibility to donate directly in ADA to Save the Children.

I’m very proud to be part the Mission Driven Pool collective!

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Respect, congrats and thnx to all the mission-driven pools! Cardano makes the world better, not only for us as delegators, but the whole system.

For me as a delegator, being mission driven is the biggest reason to choice for a pool, in my case stakepool WEQNT, providing solar bulbs in remoting african areas…

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This is Awesome news!

Congrats Cardano Teams!

I am so proud of Cardano community, We have one of the largest charitable mission driven stake pool in the world. Just imagine how many impact we will achieve through this effort.