Happy New Year from the Cardano Foundation

Happy New Year from the Cardano Foundation


What a year 2020 has been for the Cardano ecosystem. We welcomed the arrival of Shelley, and with it staking and delegation. We witnessed the first components of Goguen—enabling tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralized applications—rollout just a few months ago.

Most importantly, with your help, we made Cardano one of the most decentralized blockchain protocols in the world, with around 1,400 independent stake pools.

You can read our major milestones and achievements in our 2020 review blog, so, if you are looking for some reading to welcome in the new year, check it out.

Please watch the 2020 review video below:

Happy New Year!


Happy new year to everyone! <3


Happy new year! :smiley:




Happy New Year all!

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Hello ryanhe I didn’t know how to contact you I was looking of a direct message to message you I just picked you to see about sending a message too because I saw you answer a question that is not exactly like mine but it relates somewhat. I had 4000 ADA in the other Daedalus wallet the grey badged app not the green one. I went to log into it and I downloaded the other one a while back I don’t have the 4000 ADA in the wallet that is set up with that green badged wallet. I deleted the other one I’m assuming and don’t know how to get back to it. I have my private key words to get into it or would it automatically show up in that new wallet??


Did u tried to restore your wallet?

I just found the download for the wallet that has the blue with the grey icon but it’s only saying Connecting to Network but it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything like it usually does when it’s opening. So the ADA that I had in that wallet won’t be able to open up in the wallet with the green icon then right??

Do u have the security phrase words?
If yes, u need to download the latest version of daedalus from official daedaluswallet site and restore your wallet

Is there a way to send you a screenshot?

Yes, u have an option to attach pics here
But do not send sensitive data

Ok so I had the ADA in the wallet with the arrow not the other one. I just found the download for the one on the right. You are saying I need to download the latest version of the one on the right to restore my wallet?

I almost died when I opened up that Green Icon wallet and nothing was there when I put in my phrase words.

I think is the green one…

The latest daedalus version can be found here on daedalus official page

It looks is the green one… after download open and restore ur wallet

So with my phrase words my wallet should come up in the green icon wallet?? If so then my ADA got jacked somehow.

No man… let the wallet to sync first; it is full sync (the green one)? After restore the wallet should be 100% sync in order to see your ADAs

I’ve been through all of that with the green icon. that one Is synced up right now on my laptop. Nothing happens with my phrase code so that’s why I thought it might still be in the blue and grey icon wallet but when I open up the blue and grey icon it just

Yes, because now we are in allegra era, that’s why u need to have the latest daedalus version… let me know the status of the green one. It’s syncing?