Harvest error while connecting CCVault wallet to SundaeSwap

Has anyone had this error while trying to harvest in SundaeSwap? I connected my CCvault wallet and provided liquidity to WMT/ADA and LQ/ADA. Now I cannot unstake my LP tokens due to this error shown below:

Transaction Error

Could not submit transaction

Please assist us by sending in your error log. The log contains public transaction variables and an hex encoded CBOR of the transaction. This information will be used by our team to help us in addressing errors.

Thanks for help


I also have the same problem. I need help. :cry:

I am getting the same error, any solutions?

Is it because CCvault.io is now eternal?

I don{t think it has anything to do with change of name. I tried to harvest when it was called CCVault still, and problem now persists. I send the error log but there is no more information online about this error. Neither an official communication form SundaeSwap team. Still waiting from an answer from offical team behind SundaeSwap as starting to lose my trust in the project

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I tried many ways. There’s nothing more I can do…I’m waiting for the next harvest day(in 16days) . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thank you all for your support. The problem was solved today.

Did you get a notification it was solved or you just tried again and worked?

I received an email from Cardano assigned support, and later I just tried and worked.

Can you send me the email address of Cardano assigned support that helped you please?

Any reason why you cant state the fix here on the forum?

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Never heard of such a thing.

Hi @cromidea ,
This is a Sundaeswap’s issue, not Cardano.
So there will be no email from Cardano.
And even you get Cardano’s issue, then Cardano team never DM you first.

Hi @david_ehrenfeld F.Y.I :point_up_2:


So, is there even a SundaeSwap support team? I wrote to offical @SundaeSwap account on twitter but got no response

Probably not. Making good support is hard and many Cardano projects seem to have more or less problems with that.

I’d try their Discord server. With the lack of real support teams it often depends on, where the devs themselves tend to hang out.

Transaction Error

Could not submit transaction

Is the known error = time for.class action lawsuits