Haskell programming for kids

Hi there, I’m in my sixties now and to be honest all this new computer technology is mostly over my head, I was just wondering if there was any Haskell fun programming for kids which you could advise as a good learning start for 10 year old, I have a few granddaughters who could take advantage of something like this in their early years for their future.

This is a fun book about the basics of Haskell

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Cheers Rckrd, will forward this to my daughters, let them have a browse and maybe get the kids learning early.

Cheers Dave

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Semi-clueless university student here.
If a ten year old can figure this out I have no excuse.
Thanks for sharing this resource :slight_smile:

No doubt it will be a very hard subject, and if there was a little fun program for kids the basics, Im sure these little ones would pick up some of the basic stuff before going onto the more detail stuff throughout the years of learning. I really have no idea if kids could possibly learn some of this, even if there was something out there for kids to have a bit of fun with the very basics, but what I do know, I have an Galaxy note 9 phone, I can only make calls and text, when I give phone to my granddaughters to play with they are doing everything on it with ease. Think I will try and attempt this little start thing Rckrd posted, to see if I can get my head around it all.