Having second thoughts anyone? Daedalus wallet


What role’s that, Kev? :slight_smile:

Just when you think you’ve gotten out they drag you back in again! :slight_smile:

Not only am I not an executive (never mind a senior one), I’m not an
employee, nor do I have any other connection with Cardano besides
holding ADA. Nor does anyone else who has taken part in this thread,
to the best of my knowledge.


Please don’t waste their time with your middle school pettiness. Congrats by the way for owning 3x more ADA than everyone! Keep up the hard work


I have no regrets because I have yet to encounter an issue that this community hasn’t been able to help me fix… :daedalus:


If you’re experiencing problems accessing your wallet while on a mac, check out my reply to the IOHK post here: IOHK statement: connecting to network issue



Hey Dettox you said more about yourself than anything you wrote.


This is the first fully FUD post I see on the forum. (Thx @CosmosX, @ADALove for keeping it cool.)
Why would someone try to infect others with their doubt is beyond me.

Here is the block where people think Cardano is great and
Hope it will be one of the greatest.
If you have some criticism we’d love to hear
Improvement suugestions always welcome
But please don’t complain about something that’s free
and other people worked hard for

Comparing Cardano to Apple,subtly put, is really not fair.
Sry. Thx.


Hey Dettox do you really think it was about a spelling error? - my goodness- try to connect the dots rather than cherry pick-you are obviously a “to the mooner” so here is a clue- just look at your “don’t deserve to own ADA” response to an earlier contributor. Get it now? Now you know who the real dimwit is don’t you.


Jesus christ man. Why are you picking a fight with everyone on the thread ? I feel bad for you, because your life must be miserable.
Quote : " Hey Dettox edicate is spelt educate - it says a lot about your comment! "
Talk about cherry picking you stitlord. :wink:
Your argument is invalid.


What makes you think i am a " to the mooner" ?
It’s frustrating people clogging up the forum and slowling down progress simply because they are using a shortcut for daedalus that isn’t updated. They go complain on the forum to spread nonsense and target the Cardano team.
Those people do not deserve to be apart of such a formidable project, and i am passionate about it.
Think what you will about me but if you are going to defend those who attack cardano without a valid argument, then i won’t stand by and watch the degenerates trash Cardano.


Oh I see-well don’t stop here-there are many more disgruntled Cardano investors on Telegram and Twitter waiting for your words of wisdom- target them-you will have a feast but leave this board abuse free ok. And BTW dettox is spelt with one t.


Kevthepeg is spelt with an i.


touche - I deserved that


Please keep the postings civil and friendly guys and gals… :slight_smile: Thank you.

(A couple of flags on some of the comments…).


The wallet takes ages to sync because you are running a full node, this is obvious to anybody who reads the release notes or roadmap details. I have no issue with this, and we know that a lite-wallet will be released in future.

Across multiple OS’s, devices and locations, the only issue I have had with the wallet was during recovery, I typed in my recovery phrase and was met with a spinning circle. Because I was impatient, I closed the wallet and reopened, thereby breaking the recovery process. However even this was simple to fix, it was a known issue on the Daedalus FAQ.

I think there are some unrealistic expectations here for an early product. Fixes and work-arounds are detailed on this forum and on the FAQ pages. The whole point of an investment is that you see long-term potential in the project, not because you expect month-on-month gains, or because you have convinced yourself that the project will progress in line with your personal expectations.


I have the same sentiment. I am long and deep on Cardano, but feel they are dragging their feet. Loosing patience here. I was waiting on the promised Ledger alternative but even that feels like a mirage. Feel like this team is operating by the premise over promise / under deliver


I think us as investors have all put buckets of faith in the Cardano HKIO team for long enough over the last 6 months. We showed you ours, now its Cardano’s turn; show us yours. ----->Don’t tell me what you can do, SHOW ME what you can do. No more roadmaps. No more tweets from everyones best friend Charles. Time to show…Otherwise its coming close to jump ship time…


It was a overpromise, I have been saying this all a long, no surprise here.

anyone who knows software developers know they cant keep the deadlines, take any estimate of theirs, times it with pi and divide it by 2. That will be much more accurate than original estimates.

Simply because things never go perfectly as planned.

You getting impatient, sell the ADA and leave, it wont affect the project…

This is a decade thing man, there is no rush here, even when the main parts of the product is done, this is just the early start… The Africa plan will be a decade(s) plan, just to see any kind chance of roots taking place…

BTC been around for 10 years, still has no adoption, so again, this is not something that will be done tomorrow, or months from now.

If you have a better team, or anyone else performing better in Crypto, you are welcome to share, because I dont know where they are.

Ethereum talking about POS for 2 years… EOS, NEO, TRON, delays everywhere and unconfirmed deadlines.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t pressure or accept mediocre development, I just dont think that is the case, there is a lot of transparency and a lot of people working on the different things - but if you understand not to take any estimates seriously, then you are much better off. This is something that takes many years for leaders to understand… and that is because we dont expect all the things that go wrong and have to be dealt with… and that is why this is a common tendency to promise too much, only in a perfect or lucky world can you deliver that…

If POS goes live by this year, wallet gets running smoothly for everyone, and virtual machine / smart contracts gets added within the next 16 months, I think they have done their job… Will Charles finish everything he thinks he will by 2020? Nope… Definitely not.

But I do feel that things have to be compared and benchmarked to other teams in this space, so if you have a team you think that doing it better, you are welcome to share… and keep in Mind Charles is not a seasoned CEO, he is intelligent and very capable, but he lacks experience… and these things come to show in over promise / under deliver when it comes to time frames, I have no doubt that the end product will be up to par as promised.

I am sure there is enough people expressing their opinions on Twitter, it is not like he doesn’t receive criticism on regular basis.

He shouldn’t be compared with seasoned fortune 500 CEOs with a paycheck of tens or even hundreds of millions making promises to their stockholders.


I would add an another button next to the heart one, called “Agree”.:slight_smile:


Maybe cardano is not for you… maybe you should shift to other cryptos ( there are more than 1000 ), those who rush to deliver sh**t but with huge hipe!

Cardano is for the people that are visionary and true believer in the SCIENCE behind!


IMO they have been showing up and doing exactly what someone could expect from them, they continue to push Cardano developments through academia review and there is a clear picture of progress and future developments, it could all go to zero as a crypto currency before it reaches the goals that the partners are working towards, this is not a product that someone has buy’s stock in, it is much more than that.
People buying it or not does not matter all that much right now, if whales dump and it turns towards zero this project will still serve its purpose in the world and will still attain the goals that have been set for it.