Having trouble sending my ADA to my Daedalus Wallet!

So I have my ADA in my Trust wallet. When trying to send it to my Daedalus, it says invalid address… even using the QR code.

I suspect it has something to do with my ADA in TRUST being BEP20, but I can’t figure out how i can get it to the correct chain, and I dont know what the correct chain is.


You will need to send them back to binance via bep 32 and then send from binance to daedalus but this time use cardano network


aha, i figured I’d have to do something like that. that sucks, binance is taking forever to finish my KYC so I’m stuck in a holding pattern. I bought my BNB through TW

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mentioned for visibility

Is it really needed ? I mean I thought it was ok on Binance without KYC (< 2 BTC/day for some op).

shouldn’t be too long, at least @Alexd1985 gave you the solution :wink:

How so ?!