Hello Cardano Community

My investment in Cardano as a man both good and bad is a stake in greater objective clarity and efficiency in our transfers of value.  What an excellent starting point for many other advancements!  
Tools that enable us to bring more of our human good points into the future and channel into harmlessness our human destructive habits are tools that I want to be invested in.  
I **love** Sci-Fi like Asimov's _Foundation_ because it often presupposes we've managed to get our human act together to thrive on Earth and then reach out for the stars.

Cardano is an investment in a set of tools that will enable some big steps in the right direction.
I’m excited to be involved!
My background is investor/trader, storyteller and fisherman.
I look forward to reading all the interesting things you have to say,
Best wishes,

Welcome @Heffer :slight_smile: