Hello from sLOVEnia :)

My name is Srdjan and I got involved in crypto last year… actually, I got consumed by the idea of crypto. But as a developer, I understood something needs to be done to make interactions with crypto much much simpler and accessible if we want the general population to be able to use it.

So I decided to build my own platform Kriptomat and bring crypto to all of EU in the language people understand with a simple interface as possible. If everyone gets in touch with crypto they will feel more comfortable with it… surely that will help mainstream adoption.

My team and I have worked really hard for the past year. We’re a self funded project and our short-term goal is to add as many wallets (which make sense) to our platform as we can. But we faced a challenge because it’s difficult to maintain connections with each individual blockchain and in time as they evolve it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the APIs.

So we have built a middleware which allows us to expose part of our platform to 3rd party devs and thus scale our efforts… The middleware is basically a set of APIs (built on top of express server) which essentially just query the particular blockchain in this case ADA.

I have joined this forum to find other devs who would be interested to help me develop this API… it’s a simple job especially if you’ve already interacted with ADA. in the future it will have to be maintained. and so we will need help then as well.

If you know of someone or you can help yourself… please get in touch with me


Welcome to the forum @Srdan_Mahmutovic :wink:.

Welcome @Srdan_Mahmutovic. Glad to hear that there are more as of yet unheard of projects being worked on that that will contribute to the ecosystem :+1:

Welcome Srdjan.

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Warm Welcome the the community and forum! All the best :slight_smile:

Welcome @Srdan_Mahmutovic!

The Forum will be a GREAT place for you to meet fellow developers. Be sure to check out the category specifically for developers: https://forum.cardano.org/c/developers
We also have a Telegram, if you want to chat with other developers interested in the Cardano space: https://t.me/CardanoDevelopersOfficial :slight_smile: