Hello from South West of France

Old developer (so a lazy one, but the most efficient when the experience have learned us to code less to do more ;-))
Opensource fervent supporter.
Great fan of https://monnaie-libre.fr/
Balanced between my will to see Ğ1 becoming the money of tomorrow as it implies a lot in term of egality of citizens in front of the production of money, and the realism that the project is not yet enough structured to reach a worldwide rapid adoption.
Cardano seems more tailored to develop and promote tomorrow concurrent of fiat moneys.
I will follow and support closely both projects.

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Hosting @ Home soon ready ! A new server arrived :wink:

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Welcome Chris I’m new, but kind of an old experienced programmer too, still using emacs and enjoying it more every day :o)

Ton serveur à l’air super. Mais surtout chapeau pour ton ‘not so distant host’.

Bienvenu !

Bientôt opérationnel !
J’installe Proxmox et Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa LTS dessus (ou l’équivalent debian selon ce que Proxmox permet).
Hello aux nouveaux frenchies. Ok pour gérer un noeud en hosting@home (vdsl2+ pour le moment, fibre dans quelques mois). Par contre pas forcément le temps de gérer le “marketing/relationnel”. Donc pourquoi pas regrouper nos forces ?
Je cherche aussi quelques infos sur le statut juridique d’un noeud de hosting ? Faut il être en société ? En association ? A titre personnel sans structure juridique ?
La question m’interpelle car si on veut booster la résilience du réseau il faut des noeuds petits et nombreux et indépendants, et c’est un peu antinomique avec le développement de business plus ou moins lucratif qui commence à se développer. On voit des équipes d’une dizaine de personnes opérer des noeuds.

Perplexe sur le positionnement juridique de l’hébergement de noeud.

Sorry for the French aparté ! As new comers are French I shared my question with them.

To summarize the French part of this post I would like to know which juridical status is the best to operate a node ?
I was expecting to operate a node to increase network resiliency and have one in my area where I suppose there will be not too many. And potentially run it personally.
As I see more and more pools operators are structured in firms with for some several people I wonder if there is a place for individually operated pools. And if yes which fiscal rule will apply to the stacking rewards/fees of the operator ?

Hi there, i’m going to send you a private message to speak about all of this questions.