Hello guys ! Cheers from Mexico!



Hello guys I’m happy to be here. I’m a mexican entrepreneur. I have a lot of confidence on Cardano becoming one of the most relevant players in the blockchain industry. I just made this video about the cardano ecosystem, perhaps it can be usefull for those who are new in the community to get a sence of what is this all about.


Hi @carlos_lopez_de_lara welcome to the Cardano Forum! :cardano:
I really like your overview graphic!


Hello Carlos…this looks awesome! i too will become a Canadian entrepreneur soon, one day hopefully :slight_smile:

i believe the same and am confidant Cardano will be a big player in the game. Anyways, just wanted to give you a warm welcome to the forum and community! All the best, and yes one day i will be Cheering in Mexico too ( on my destination list to travel lol)


Hello Carlos, welcome to the community


Welcome!! Pretty neat diagram in the video!


Welcome Carlos! Great video, liked and subscribed.


Welcome, you did a great job on the video mate!


Great video thanks!!


Thank you very much !


Hola Carlos, yo vivo en CDMX. Quisiera organizar una reunión con gente como tu! Soy fanática de Cardano pero no tengo con quien platicar y planear el futuro de nuestra ADA en México. Conoces a otros Mexicanos interesados en esto? En el último AMA Charles dijo que viene a Monterrey… Hay que traerlo a CDMX. Cómo lo podemos hacer?