Hello, our name is STAKE FOR FUTURE - [AZUL] - 1% Social-Sustainable Fee for the planet

Hello, our name is STAKE FOR FUTURE - [AZUL] - 1% Social-Sustainable Fee for the planet.

High Five to Mother Earth

STAKE FOR FUTURE was founded by two friends from Germany, who share the passion for nature, especially climbing/mountaineering: Jochen & Tim.

Some time ago we came across the TEDx event from 2014 “The future will be decentralized“ by Charles Hoskinson on YouTube. This lecture had a strong impact on us. Since we already had a very sustainable philosophy of life and have been involved with cryptocurrencies for quite a while, we didn’t need much convincing: “C’mon, let’s run a CARDANO Staking Pool!”

Tim’s motto is: “A sustainable lifestyle should be fun! Otherwise, you can’t change people’s mind. It’s not a sprint, it’s a long marathon to be successful! “. Which reflects the CARDANO philosophy in our eyes as well.

Jochen has a lot of endurance, visiting mountains all around the world. He has a simple, but very true opinion of how to approach things: “If you like to go fast - go alone! But if you like to go far – go together!”. It would be a pleasure, if you come with us.

Pool details:

  • Ticker: AZUL
  • Pledge: 14.5K
  • Fixed fee: 340
  • Variable Social-Sustainable Fee: 1% for Mother Earth
  • Website: stakeforfuture.org
  • Contact: hello@stakeforfuture.org
  • Pool ID: pool1r8zkh6zns7rtpvwa466qf8a0dgqd7r9zmu27qkcyw25xv46y97s
  • Location: Tim, Düsseldorf, Germany // Jochen, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Pool infrastructure / Configuration for Blockproducer and Relay Nodes:
    o NVMe SSD vServer running on 100% renewable energy.
    o 2x Xeon o. Epyc CPU 2,0 - 3,0 Ghz (dedicated)
    o 10GB DDR4 ECC Ram
    o 40GB NVMe SSD Festplatte
    o 200MBit Network connection
    o DDOS Protected IP Adresses
    o 24/7 Server Monitoring

We like to say thank you! :blue_heart: You are incredible:

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[AZUL] A Stake for Future pool | Cardano Staking


Operator experience.
Our Admin, Jochen, studied Informatics and has 10+ years experience in developing and maintaining distributed online services from small companies to large industry leaders, from telecommunication business to automotive industries.

We have the dream to make an impact in charity donation.
Our vision is to offer our delegators a proposal- and voting system, to locate the smaller, but highly important problems in the world. Together with your stake, we are able to help “delegators way”.

We will motivate big network to join us.
We already worked in sustainable projects and companies, as Tim was the co-founder of the sustainable fashion brand „wunderwerk“. wunderwerk got the highly respected award „Bundespreis ECO-Design“ from the German Federal Ministry of the environment, in 2014. This was the entrance to a network of people who are supporting a change in economical and sustainable way. We would love to spread the word of CARDANO to the right people.

We are very sure that decentralization is the key for change.
We don’t like to get political here, but just think about the highly corrupted governments, regimes and lobbies all around the world? Think about how a war starts. CARDANO has reasonable arguments to be able to make a change and bring more power to the people. The future will be decentralized… like stated by Charles already in 2014!

C’mon decentralize it!

We are proud to join this voyage!

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Hi @StakeForFuture ,

congrats on building your stake pool. Hope lots of people delegate on your pool. Good luck! :beer:

Thanks mate!

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